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In today's job search the successful applicant is not always the most qualified, it usually goes to the person who tells a morecompelling story.  As an employer you want to see applicants who can tell their story quickly in resume form, thus saving you many hours of reviewing general resumes.  As a job hunter you want the tools to tell your story, get the edge.  At Jobs Annex we provide the tools needed to be a successful job hunter - at practically no cost to the applicant.

The GOAL at Jobs Annex is to get the applicant and employer together with no burdens or any unexpected issues.  Our resources will help each applicant construct an award winning resume, an eye catching cover letter and key interview question to ask in various types of interviews.

Jobs Annex has been serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties for over twelve years. During that time we have worked with many organizations and companies, well known and not so well known.

As a former employment search firm we have evaluated many thousands of resumes. Our focus is to help local employers find quality career minded people who live in the neighborhood. The tools we provide all employees makes for a better and quicker resume review. Consider Jobs Annex your off site human resource connection.

Job seekers can download our white paper on Cover Letters, Interview Tactics or Resume Formulation. These documents have been put together after years of interviews and seeing many thousands of resumes. We provide this information FREE of charge to all job seekers.

At Jobs Annex, we try to make it easy for you.. Let Julius the mouse find the right job for you.