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Purpose of a Cover Letter

The purpose of your cover letter is to convey to the reader (Employer) how you can help them solve their problem.  The problem is the job opening that must be filled. Compose a good cover letter that will give you an opportunity to emphasize what you have to contribute to the company or organization. In short your cover letter will tell the reader how you can help them.

The ideal cover letter will be specific for each employment opportunity.  A basic, generic or general cover letter may be industry related, however it will be regarded as a sign of laziness and half effort.  In the past you might have been able to get away with a generic cover letter.  With today’s technology a generic cover letter will be destined to the pile of do not call.  This is not your objective.

To write a specific cover letter you must do some research on the company that has the job opening, call them or check the web site and get useful information.  If you know someone who works at the facility you are looking to be placed question them for the primo information.  Each approach will gather you information that will be useful in the cover letter as well as the interview.  Once armed with this information your cover letter will be tailored specifically to the company in question.  This will give you the edge.

Time must be put aside to compose a knock your socks off cover letter.  You should give yourself at least two rewrites, at least twenty four hours apart.  This will give you a clear vision of how it sounds and reads after you have given yourself some time to let your letter rest.  You will find after each rewrite it will flow better and provide you a greater opportunity to receive that important call for the interview.   

A good cover letter will get them to view your resume and positive media link.


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