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Common Hiring Mistakes - Part 1

Develop a small candidate pool: Take the time to build a candidate pool with several candidates who meet the needs of your organization. If you don't have to make a choice among several qualified candidates, your pool is too small. You don't want to settle for someone, it would be much better to reopen your search.

Fail to prepare the interviewer: Your organization wouldn't start any project without an action plan. Well neither would you start any interview process without preparing the interviewers. What responsibility does the interviewer have and who is he or she reporting the results? What specific answers are you looking to receive for each question and why those questions? Check out – www.buzybodiesinc.com

Narrow job specifications: After running an employment office for over 14 years this issue crops up very often. The first question we ask all employers is give us as much detail about the job so we can focus on the qualified and get to the best candidates quickly. There's nothing wrong with clearly defining the opportunity to you are searching. With detail you will attract the cream of the job seekers.

Hiring "what comes along": When you participate in job fairs and similar screening methods to attract job seekers you have placed yourself into a specific selection bias, what comes along your booth is what you get. You may have to settle. One of the advantages of using a job board like www.jobsannex.com is that the number of candidates is constantly changing each day and over a 30 day period you would have been exposed to many qualified candidates to select.

Hiring too quickly: We have all been there. You are in a rush and are short of help thus you are willing to take the next warm body that walks thru the door. You have to be willing to wait and develop your pool of candidates. Make your selection from a position of strength not desperation. Check out – www.jobsannex.com

Choosing talent over passion: There are lots of great candidates out there with incredible talent and experience, but that doesn't mean they are the person for the job. In fact, they could be a jerk who will never fit in. Here is an excellent example of passion. My nephew is very talented in his field and he is also very passionate about his chosen profession. He loves his job and looks forward to going to work. Does the applicant light up when they talk about the job? Are they full of enthusiasm? If they are just looking for a paycheck, they'll never be satisfied with any position.

PART ONE OF A MULTI PART SERIES. Thank you for your time.

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