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Common Hiring Mistakes – Part 2

Not promote your organization:  Employees want to belong to a winning organization.  They walk into your facility with big hopes and dreams.  You as the employer can only hire one candidate.  You need to sell your organization to each candidate because they are also evaluating you and your firm. 

The good candidate will already research your organization.  Please note every interview is a two way street and thus it is equally important for you to sell your organization as it is for a candidate to sell themselves. You always get FREE useful information from our web site www.jobsannex.com

Asking improper questions: These can have the candidate asking themselves is this environment right for me. Asking too many questions that are in this arena, “Do you believe or think you could handle…” After a while the candidate many question if your organization is right for them. Focus your attention on the competency of each candidate.  For additional FREE information you can also check out our web site www.johnsjobs.com

Don’t go into foul territory:  This is done by asking inappropriate questions.  For best results have a professional handle your interviews, such as our organization.  Many companies do not have full time human resource people.  With this in mind these people often cross the line into foul territory by asking inappropriate questions.  For useful tips check out www.johnsjobs.com

Fail to follow up:  Each interview is a private one on one meeting.  The interviewer as well as the interviewee must be taking notes for future use.  The reason you are looking to hire additional people or person is you have a problem.  That problem can be solved by the new candidate.  Your note will help you make an informed decision.  When an important decision like this is at hand it is best to have two or three qualified candidates to call for a follow up meeting.  Your quick follow up will speed up the process and keep the best candidates available for selection.  You can always post all your open positions at www.jobsannex.com this web site will always give you a steady stream of career minded candidates.

Don’t hire yourself:  When a candidates is in front of you consider their ability to successfully fill the position.  Don’t use yourself or another successful employee as your bench mark.  Please consider www.jobsannex.com for all your off site human resource needs.

PART TWO OF A MULTI PART SERIES. Thank you for your time.
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