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Interview Tactics

You have written an informational attention grabbing cover letter and enclosed it with your appointment generating resume. You have received the call from the potential employer and they want to speak with you in reference to your new career. Your journey to capturing the job is about halfway...

There are five type of interviews each has benefits and pit falls.  The approaches that you may find yourself can be: phone, site, group, dining and campus location interviews.

Phone Interviews

I do not recommend giving out your cell number with your resume.  You do not want want to take the chance of a dropped call or static on the line.

Job Site Interviews

Prepare yourself and project yourself working at your desired place of employment.  The primary objective of the interview is to determine if you would be a good fit with their company.

Group Interviews

The group interview allows the interviewers to see how the applicant will fit into the organization.  Group interviews usually will last a few hours to a complete day.  The process is grueling.

Dining Interviews

This interview can be a great opportunity as well as a hazard, the meal setting makes everyone more comfortable and sociable.  The main focus will be how you interact when it will be necessary to entertain clients or prospective clients.  The dining interview is more important than the onsite interview. The reason I say this; it will be the decision on your selection or not.

Campus Location Interview

The on-campus interview is the first step for the interview process.  One small mistake, one small error can make you history and your advancement to secure the position will end.  A soon to be college graduate with many companies on campus to interview; students have an advantage that does not exist after graduation.  With this in mind put 100% of your energy in the preparation and presentation of your information to your potential employer.

Secret tip:  Just like your campus is having a job fair other schools in your area will also have job fairs.  Take advantage of all campus career fairs in your area.  Happy hunting!

Download the the book "Interview Tactics" by John N. Quagliani for more detailed information.


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