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By John N. Quagliani


By John N. Quagliani

Getting Started

Sample Cover Letter

    What must I do to stand out from the job seekers crowd? Whether you are looking for employment in an up or down economy there is always one constant, you are not the only qualified applicant who is applying for the open position. Your focus is to differentiate yourself from the maddening crowd wanting your job. What is so important about cover letters? Your cover letter will give you the competitive edge in the job market. A cover letter tells the employer the specific job for which you are applying and tailors your qualifications to that job. In your quest for full time employment have you ever received a rejection letter or post card with this “We selected the candidate who best fits our needs and requirements?” Your cover letter is the way to show an employer how you fit the company’s needs and requirements.

Focus your cover letter.

Before we get into the most important part of your job search let’s envision the job as yours. Does this job meet your qualifications? Is the job close to your residence? Do you see a future with this company and industry? Has your initial review of this opportunity proved out to your satisfaction? If all these answers are yes then you must consider the most important aspect of this quest, make yourself stand out from the crowd. Looking for employment is difficult and is a full time job. A well written cover letter will help.

Don’t Be Vague or Generic.

All hiring managers and human resource personnel will agree that the likelihood of reading a resume accompanied by a cover letter is greatly enhanced over a resume received without a cover letter. Your cover letter removes the look of a mass mailing. Your cover letter must be specific to each company or job for which you apply. Your letter should be enthusiastic and grammatically correct and fit on one page. After you have done spell check ask someone you respect and trust to proof read it. End the letter by saying you’ll follow up with a phone call – even if you e-mail it, wait three days before you call. Point of concern, I strongly urge not sending by email alone. Do both, snail and e-mail. Reason for sending thru snail mail, your e- mail may get deleted in error, filtered out, forgotten or not read.

Your objective is to be the exception, not another number in the crowd of applicants. The question to consider is whether the massive amount of cover letters and resumes sent to an e-mail box will some get lost? I firmly believe the person who gets the attention will stand out from the crowd. Understanding this; mail your presentation material by snail mail. In addition do not fold your communications, send it unfolded in a large envelope. Your information will be received in about three days crisp and neat. With a fresh crisp resume on the recipients desk call him in reference to the resume you sent. By sending it snail mail you bypass the potential of having your information forgotten or lost in the hiring manager’s hard drive.

Many job seekers are using the shotgun approach to finding placement at a full time regular job, which is not a good idea. Focus your attention as to what you do best and do not deviate from your skill and talent. What goes hand in hand with the shot gun approach to job hunting? Not doing a cover letter. You can have the best resume ever written and without a cover letter you are not taking yourself out of the crowd. So this short book will tell and show you how to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Point of interest: When you do not present your resume with a cover letter you are presenting only a partial picture of yourself and most importantly shows the hiring manager you can not take the time to polish off your complete presentation.

Points To Consider


Experience demands a cover letter. If you are an experienced employee with a few years under your belt in the job market you may feel, it’s not necessary because of what you bring to the table. Look at my experience and especially all my references. Three words – DON’T DO THAT. Take time to present a professional presentation. Your cover letter is the introduction to your “resume”. Your cover letter is a document that will prove invaluable in your search for the right job that best fits your needs.

What should the cover letter do for you? A well written cover letter will separate you from the crowd by allowing you to go into greater detail about your unique skills and qualifications. This simple step will make you stand out and be the applicant that best meets there requirements for the open position. It will answer the hiring manager’s key question, why should I hire this person? Your objective is to grab the employer’s attention and show him why you need to be contacted for an interview. Your letter will help the hiring manager in the selection process; your letter will help him make a decision to call you not another person who may not have done a cover letter.

With each resume you distribute, you must attach a personalized cover letter that directly targets the specific job opening. A well written vague and generic cover letter addressed to “To whom it may concern”, will hit the circular file in a short minute. Make an effort to do some research, call the company or if local visit them, get the full name of the hiring manager (correct spelling) and title. Addressing your cover letter to a specific person will most likely open a door and get you just a step ahead of the crowd. As a secondary note this will also show motivation and resourcefulness on your part.

Is my cover letter a sales letter? An effective, well written letter is configured and presented as a self marketing tool that follows key guidelines. Follow these simple steps: 1. Feature 2. Benefit 3. Result. 1. The feature is that you qualify for the job. Many people who present a resume will also qualify for the open position but that alone will not get them the job. 2. Here is a sample benefit you may have. Five years experience working in the accounts receivable department. 3. While at my former employer I was able to increase the dollar amount of accounts received and reduced the payables from 42 days to 35 days. The real benefit: you will save both time and money.

What will be the formula in this brief informative letter? As mentioned earlier this will be three paragraphs. 

  1. Get the reader’s attention.
  2. State your skills and accomplishments in terms of benefits and results to the company. (This can be a short two paragraphs).
  3. Close your letter asking the reader to take action.

It doesn’t matter whether you are sending your cover letter in response to an advertisement, personal mailing program or any other source. Your letter will be one page three paragraphs no typos and neatly typed. You are selling the resume so they will call you for an interview.

Peparing the Cover Letter


There are three types of cover letters:

  1. The application letter replies to a specific job opening, for which you qualify to apply.
  2. The marketing program or prospecting letter for potential positions in your field of interest.
  3. The agency letter requests the help of a professional organization to assist you in your job search. You may have contacted this resource at a job fair. NOTE: Never use an agency that charges up front or after.

Your first paragraph is very important. Understand the company that is accepting resumes for any specific position will receive from 100 to 200 resumes. These resumes will come thru e- mail or slow mail. At this point the method doesn’t matter. You have done your research and have directed the cover letter and resume to the hiring manager or department head. You have about 60 seconds to grab their attention and stimulate them to continue reading. The very first sentence must be informative and a grabber. Let them know what generated the letter to this person. When responding to an advertisement, mention the ad and zero in on what the facts might be. In any job brochure you send to a company do not be vague and general with any statement. The letter will be about you but focus on the benefit to the company. For example, “I believe your organization can offer the challenge and motivation I seek in my future employer” - what is the benefit of the hiring manager to continue? None!

Follow up your introduction sentence with a powerful punch to further excite the reader. This is where you will use information from the job description in the advertisement. Address the employer’s key concerns with a brief yet powerful statement. From the advertisement focus your expertise with benefits and results the employer will find of particular interest.

The second paragraph highlights the main benefits of calling you for an interview. You can make this one paragraph with bullet points. The majority of hiring and human resource managers prefer this style for easy reading with solid information they can evaluate. You want the reader to visualize the benefits and results you will bring to the table. Statements like:

*As a customer service representative my employer was able to clearly see at month’s end my consumable sales were up by at least 12% and added between 2 and 3 new clients each month.

* Was shop foreman at XYZ Corporation for three years. During that time I was able to reduce work related injuries to zero and increased production by 14%.

Each of these examples is measurable with clear results with benefits to the employer. This positive statement about your skill and ability will clearly separate you from the pack applying for your job.

Your cover letter will contain key points that will be in your resume. The cover letter gives you a bit more leeway to express yourself. It will measure your writing ability and creativity. The cover letter will focus on your most appropriate skills and talents and will be written specifically to each company that will receive your resume.

Your third paragraph is your call to action. Again. you must stand out from the crowd. Do you want the reader to call you? As a recruiter for over ten years job seekers would look at me with sincere eyes and say I can’t do that or say that! My reply is always the same; do you want the job or not? I would get calls from many of my applicants that tell me it worked I GOT THE JOB! Your letter is the introduction of your resume and is always written for the specific employer. Your letter is never vague and generic, for example: “To Whom It May Concern”. Your letter and resume is written to garner you an interview. Don’t make any effort to secure employment without your letter and resume. Make the action statement clear, so the reader knows exactly what you are asking. Ending your letter with action is very proactive. You want the hiring manager to take action and call you. When can we arrange an interview? My contact number is 555-2345. Note: It’s not a good idea to provide your cell number. Further details in point 12 of “do not include these items in your cover letter.” Point of interest; make sure your recording is professional and to the point. Please let some friends review your recording to insure you are not going to get a hang up because your message is playing 60 seconds of acid rock.

When I became a recruiter many applicants would tell me they sent out 50 to 100 resumes, with no results. They felt this was a sure way to get interviews. The majority of the resumes were sent without cover letters and the ones that were sent with cover letters were vague and generic addressed “To Whom It May Concern.” The shotgun effort does not work. Back in 2004 I wrote a short book titled “Looking for Employment Is a Fulltime Job.” That statement has not changed. You will always get much better results with a clearly defined focused approach. Customize your letter to fit each job opportunity. In this manner you will always get a call to have an interview over the shotgun approach.

Add a “P.S.” to the end of your cover letter. Human nature will shift the eyes of the hiring or human resource managers to the bottom of the page. Your “P.S.” has a very good opportunity to be read first. This is where you insert one or two testimonials.

Sending Out Your Cover Letter

What we just focused on was your response to an advertisement, a guaranteed job opening. There are two other avenues for which to send your cover letter. Your own mail jobs hunt campaign and employment agencies.

I have never been in favor of sending a resume in the blind to a company for employment. I say this because what would be the motivation of the company to take action when they are not looking. If you want to do a jobs hunt campaign check through various means to determine if they are looking to hire an individual with your skill set and experience. Call them and request to speak to the manager of human resources. If they are in the position to evaluate your offering proceed as normal. Your entire cover letter will have all the information we discussed with only one exception, the opening line of your cover letter will be different.

The other avenue will be to employment agencies. Outside of responding to a specific ad this would be one of your best options. Just like researching a specific company that is offering employment research the agency. Questions to which you will need to know the answer: 1. How long have they been in business? 2. What is the specific area of focus? 3. What is the name of the key contact, such as owner or President? 4. Get all the correct contact information. You are now ready to have a professional company start helping you search for employment. I say this because you will never place your future employment 100% in the hands of any employment agency. They will do their best to find you employment, however it will be more in line with what they have available. Your specific interest will not come to the forefront; they want to fill the job ticket. With this in mind they are still a strong advocate to have while searching for employment.

The purpose of this cover letter is the same as all job seeking letters; you want an opportunity to have a face to face meeting. This cover letter will have a different introduction sentence. The first sentence will not reference any specific job advertisement. A start might be; “Successful goal oriented customer service representative requests your help in placing him with a local employer.” Follow the formula for the rest of this letter and you will get a call and later an appointment to meet with a recruiter that will start setting up job appointments.

I cannot write your cover letter. It will always be best when you use your words and description of your abilities. Understanding this lets look at a few sample cover letters. The names, places and jobs are 100% fiction. Check out each letter and see what you like or don’t like.

With all this talk about cover letters, I thought the resume was the main focus to secure an interview?


Each day you go without receiving a call for an interview you start thinking. When will I receive a call for an interview? How will I get a job if no one calls? Maybe I need to rewrite my resume?

Your objective is to make a very good first impression. The first impression your future employer will have of you is your cover letter. The plain truth is that your resume may never get read without a professional cover letter. Keep these points in mind while writing your cover letter.

  1. The only purpose of your cover letter is to get your resume read.
  2. The only purpose of your resume is to get you the interview. Think about this: Your cover letter carries more weight than the resume.

Your cover letter is your sales letter. It sells you; therefore it convinces the hiring manager to read your resume. This is why your letter must be specific for each company.



Cover letter tips

Write your cover letter on white bond paper. No color ink or paper.

Your letter should be only one page.

Presentation is everything. Your letter heading should be identical to your resume heading.

Your letter is a business correspondence. Understanding this; use a business format for dating and addressing your cover letter to the appropriate person.

Your cover letter salutation should be; Dear Mr. Wilson: or Dear Ms. Wilson: Use the Ms. due to the fact you will most likely not know the marital status of a female interviewer. Your cover letter is a business letter. Use the formal block format (not indented) paragraphs with spaces in between.

Get the reader’s attention from the first paragraph.

Highlight your key benefits with results.

Mention that you will follow up and then do so.

End your letter with a request for an interview.

Avoid all types of mistakes, typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

No salary information; more detail to follow.

Sample Job Posting and Cover Letters

Sample Job Posting
We have an open position for a top notch customer service person with two years experience.
This motivated person will be working with a team of four other people.  Clear understanding of our customers needs’ with the ability to up-sell and save potential lost clients.  Our product line is auto parts.

Sample Cover Letter:

123 Main Street
Any Town, Ca. 90102

May 25, 20xx

Enterprise Dynamics Inc
456 Beach Ave.
Any Town, Ca. 91020

To Whom It May Concern:

Last week while reviewing the job wanted ads I came across your advertisement.  I am responding to your ad because I feel I can do a great job at your facility.  You will see from my enclosed resume that your opportunity is right up my alley.

I have worked in customer service for about five years with various companies.  In that time I have had an opportunity to learn many things and also helped my employer.  My resume shows that I received my B.S. degree eight years ago with a GPA of 2.25.

Your ad specified an interest and knowledge of cars.  Well, my older brother has been rebuilding cars since he was in high school.  At times I helped him and because of this I have become very interested in cars.  If it’s o.k. with you contact me to set up an interview.

Yours truly,

Max Power

This letter is intended to be sent in response to an advertisement. What do you notice about this letter?  Does it get your attention?  Does it hold your attention? Does it make you want to call Max to arrange an appointment?  Does it sound like he has much knowledge about sport cars? Why would or wouldn’t you call Max for an interview?  Does this letter set Max ahead of the job seeking pack?  What would you add or delete from this letter?

Would you change this letter?

Another cover letter sent in response to the above job advertisement.  What are some key points you notice about the second letter?

123 Main Street
Any Town, Ca. 90102

May 25, 20xx

Mr. John Line
Director of Human Resources
Enterprise Dynamics Inc
456 Beach Street
Any Town, Ca 91020

Dear Mr. Line:

The purpose of this letter is in response to your advertisement in this Sunday’s Register, “top notch customer service representative wanted.” Some key qualities I bring with me are effective understanding of each customers needs and the ability to focus on any issue your customers may feel is serious enough to discontinue service.

1.   My organizational skills are exceptional and with this ability, have been able; to increase client retention by 12.5%.
2.   For the past year, have taken night classes to improve my computer skills.  This skill has enabled me to save both time and energy when addressing each customer.
3.   At my previous place of employment, I had perfect attendance.  This enabled me to always handle any shortfall when a fellow employee called in ill or late.

Realizing that this short letter and resume cannot adequately communicate all my qualifications in-depth, it would be appreciated to have the opportunity to discuss with you in person how my skills and abilities will be an asset to you and Enterprise Dynamics Inc. When can we arrange an interview?  My residence number is (323)555-1111.  I will contact you in three days.

Max Power

P.S. Mr. Tom Jones General Manager of Auto Reliant Inc mentioned to me that if they were hiring he would select me at once.

The above letter is intended to be sent in response to an advertisement.  What do you notice about this letter?  Does it get your attention?  Does it hold your attention?  Does it make you want to call Max to arrange an appointment? Does it sound like he has customer service experience?  Why would or wouldn’t you call Max for an interview?  Does this letter set Max ahead of the job seeking pack?  What would you add or delete from this letter?

Other Sample Cover Letters

Letter intended as part of your job marketing program.  Please note if your research shows that you uncovered any company with a job opening that meets your needs and qualifications, each letter must be custom.  Don’t try to cookie cut this letter.

123 Main Street
Any City, Ca 99901

May 25, 20xx

Ms. Deanna Carter
Vice President Administration
987 Amber Drive
My Town, Ca. 98987

Dear Ms. Carter:

It was a pleasure speaking with you Tuesday.  In our short conversation you mentioned that your current position has been open for several weeks.  The purpose of this follow up letter is to present my case and show it will be a pleasure to meet with you after you have reviewed my documents.

1.   Spearheaded the leadership roll in the introduction of our new product.  Handled all issues in a timely manner and had a smooth roll out with no kinks.
2.   As department head the marketing department developed successful ads that improved our market share and reduced our cost to each distributor.
3.   My knowledge of our industry has proved invaluable many times with the contacts made over the years.  This has allowed me to move quickly when a marketing opportunity is presented.

My schedule is open to meet with you on Tuesday or Thursday next week.  I will contact you in about three days. You can reach me at my residence number listed above.  I understand this brief introduction doesn’t provide much information.  With this in mind I look forward to meeting with you next week.


P.S. Mr. Tom Jones President of the association we both belong to has recently invited me to write a brief article for the trade journal.


Cover letter designed for employment agency.

246 Bass Street
Your Town, Ca 90909

May 25, 20xx

Ms. Carmen Hernandez Director of Administration Buzybodiesinc.com
765 South Blvd.
My Town, Ca 98980

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that your staffing organization places middle managers as well as entry level.  As mentioned in our phone conversation my resume will be kept on file until a job order comes in that matches my goals and objectives.

The direction in which I have focused my successful career is marketing, with a very good understanding of sales.

1.   As western regional sales manager, each team leader reached 110% of their monthly forecast for the last sixteen months. This allowed the company to investigate like companies for acquisition.
2.   Spearheading the marketing department we were able to grab the attention of additional distributors.  Our distribution base grew by 9% last year.
3.   Signed a national agreement with a new distributor to eliminate warehousing and
shipping cost to their main location in Montana.  This enabled the company to increase its profit for each item sold and reduced paper work on each order.

My skill set and abilities are focused in the marketing and sales area.  Understanding this I look forward to a meeting with you regarding the placement of my resume at like minded companies for an interview.  I will contact you in three days.  My contact number is listed above and I will be available for a brief meeting with you this Friday or next Monday.

Thank You,

 Max Power

P.S.   The President of my former employer regrets his relocating the office Southern Florida. My ties to Southern California prohibited me from relocating.

Customizing to Your Situation

My specific situation.

There are many kinds of cover letters to fit each particular vocation or career choice. All cover
letters will start with an attention getting statement, followed by your sales pitch, what you can do for the specific company, and last, a call to action.

  1. Cover letter for a new or very recent college graduate.  Follow the format mentioned, however you will focus more on your education and how that will be of benefit to the receiving company.
  2. How do I handle the situation when I am referred by a mutual friend?  Do I need a cover letter?  More so in this case.  The attention getting statement will be the very first line, mentioning the mutual friend.  Then, follow the format of what you have to offer and go for the close or action step.
  3. When emailing a cover letter - more detail on this format to follow.  Note: {when this format is selected, I firmly believe in also sending your correspondence by snail mail.}
  4. When the advertisement makes it clear they want you to give them a salary; be cagey.  As mentioned earlier, give a range or window you expect depending on the task for which they are requesting you to apply.
  5. Military person making the transition to a civilian job.  Your focus is to be centered on how your military service would be of benefit to the employing company.  No need to talk about ancillary duties.  Always look at your talent and assets as to how can they be of benefit to this company and focus on that talent and the benefit they will receive.
  6. What about me, I have made it to middle management or higher?  The cover letter does not change.  Feature benefit and results.  Sell your ability and go for the close. Does not matter if you are a Comptroller, Vice President of Information, International Marketing Vice President, Vice President of Human Resources or Director of Operations.

You always want to present your communications crisp, neat and brief.  Will the receiver be able to read your cover letter in a few seconds?  The hiring manager does not have a lot of time to invest on your letter.  Grab his attention quickly; that can be done best with a letter that is brief with white space on the page.  No one is in the mood to read a short story when they have many tasks to do in addition to sifting through cover letters and resumes.

Email Cover Letter

First, your email cover letter will not have the formal look. It will have the typical email format
such as Date: From: Subject: and To: This is if you are sending your cover letter in the body of the email. My particular feeling is to send the cover letter along as an attachment since your resume will be an attachment.  In the subject mention the job advertisement and in the body reference the position.  In this fashion when your cover letter and resume are printed they both look crisp and professional. When your attachment is printed you will give a very good presentation.

Side Note:

I will mention this only in passing.  Specific words in your cover letter can be underlined.  You will notice I did not do any underlining in any of the sample cover letters.  If you feel this will add punch; do it.

Stay focused and direct.

The major issue with sending cover letters with resumes using the shotgun approach is that the
vast majority of your presentation material will fall into the junk pile because you simply do not qualify, you do not have the right stuff. Focus on applying for jobs you do qualify for and invest some time gaining additional skills or education you need to apply for positions that require more ability on your part.

After reading a few cover letters you may have noted that each is short and to the point.  For best results keep it one page with no fluff, this makes for quick reading.  Remember you are not the only applicant sending in a request for an interview for any job opening.  With this in mind the hiring or human resource manager has about 60 seconds to quickly read your correspondence. This is not much time to decide whether or not you’re a candidate worth interviewing.  You are
in stiff competition for employment. Stay with a one page cover letter that grabs the attention of the reader.

Final Notes

Do not include these items in your cover letter.

1.   No salary information. The reason for this is that the hiring or human resource manager will make a decision on you without looking at your assets.  Don’t let your salary eliminate you from the next step.  If they insist you include salary history, provide vague and open ended figures.  You may not know the reason for the request of compensation you have earned or want to earn. They may want to set a mark and call people who are within their mark.  You want to negotiate when the time comes. Never state a specific dollar amount; give a window you are willing to work for; for example,“$35,000 to
$45,000 depending on the job duties”.  This approach will satisfy their request for salary information and still give you wiggle room.  In addition, this approach will most likely keep you in the running. It is always much better to have this conversation in person rather than on paper.  As a matter of fact, do your best to defer any discussion of salary until you have been offered the position.

2.   Never address your cover letter in the following manner.  Dear Sir/Madam, To Whom It May Concern, Dear Hiring Executive, Dear Human Resources, or Dear Hiring Authority. Each one of these shows no creativity or motivation on your part.  If your want to make a very good first impression take the time to find the name of the person.  Your cover letter will be received with much better acceptance than just another cookie cutter vague correspondence.  Always remember, you want to make every effort to step away from the crowd looking for your job.

3.   Do not tell your story with lies.  Altering your job duties such as saying I was the night warehouse manager when in reality you were the co-manager will have you agonize over this issue when they tell you before a selection is made they are going to do a reference and background check.  No lie no matter how small is worth your creditability.
4.   Make no spelling errors, not even one.  A sure way to take yourself out of the running for a job is to have a typo or grammatical mistake in your cover letter.  You will do two spell checks; first do spell check; next proof read your document. Many times spell check will not pick up a typo such as – weather vs. whether.  Many hiring and human resource managers will trash your letter and resume with only one spelling error, don’t take that chance.

5.   No canned or generic letter. No “fill in the blank cover letters”. We have received many cover letters addressed to us but in the body of the letter they reference another company
- bad form.  Because job searching is difficult it is much easier to write a generic or fill in the blanks cover letter than a specific, targeted letter.  If you don’t put time and effort into your letter you most likely will not get the interview, regardless of your assets and qualifications. Talk in terms that are relevant to the employer’s requirements, the benefits you bring and the results you have achieved.

6.   Don’t make demands in your letter.  Requesting a specific salary or working conditions may have a very high rejection rate.  The issue is not what they will do for you but what you will do for them.

7.   Do not use your cover letter as an extension of your resume.  Be focused and get the attention of the reader so they move onto your resume. The purpose of your cover letter is to sell the hiring manager to read your resume.

8.   Avoid using I or me; they know it’s about you.  The letter is about you however you will be talking about what you will be doing for the company.  Make yourself the subject of each sentence. For example “In this situation, I demonstrated solid knowledge and problem solving skills.”

9.   Not using key words from the job description.  Did you notice the use of key words in the second cover letter?  Sample ad: “Large established company looking for a career minded individual to work in the customer service department.  Must have two years experience in the customer service profession. A motivated person would be a very good applicant”. What might be the key words?  From this ad, you can see that the employer is looking for a motivated person who has experience in customer service.  These words need to be included in your cover letter.  Review sample cover letter number 2, the first paragraph. Almost all the information used to generate the attention of the reader was from the advertisement.

10. Do not use abbreviations or organization short cuts.  For example, “while working at Line Productions our group received the S.S.T. award.  Sometimes the CCSP organization did on site evaluation, which we passed”. What are these groups?  Don’t leave the reader with a question mark in their head as they read your marketing/sales cover letter.

11. Negative attitude.  You may think this last item would not have to be mentioned. When looking for employment you can sometimes get disappointed and your attitude can shift. Your communications will reflect your attitude, motivation, communications skills, personality and enthusiasm.  Keep your letter focused and in line with the job description. In this way your attitude will remain focused in the positive and all your communications will reflect how you feel.

12. Do not provide your cell phone number.  When looking for employment you want to maintain as much control of your environment as possible.  Receiving potential interview calls on your cell phone can create issues that are out of your control. The call received will most likely come at the most inopportune time. Such as in your car on the way to another interview.  You would not be in a mental state to carry on a potential interview over the phone.  Dropped call is another problem.  You are at home and the call is going great...then your phone goes dead.  Another point to consider with taking calls on your cell will you be prepared to handle the call without stumbling?  You are away from all your job hunting material and you get the call while shopping, now what?

Now what? They called me for an interview.
You are successful and receive a call for an interview.  What do you bring with you?  Do not make the mistake and leave your cover letter at home.  Your resume must be accompanied with your cover letter.  Sometime the interviewer does not have your resume.  Be professional in every interview presentation.


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