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Why Use a Job Board?

Looking for the right employee can be complex and daunting.  Just navigating thru todays resumes will be a time consuming challenge.  With resources short and time pressious maybe it's time to OUTSOURCE your human resource job searches to Jobs Annex. With all the applicants searching, you might think I'll just place any advertisement and I'll get plenty of applicants.  You are looking for Quality not Quantity.

What type of company uses internet job boards?  Clients come to because the process of finding someone on their own can be overwhelming.  Use our tools to help construct an attention getting job posting.  Having your employees and friends refer potential applicants can seem time saving however now you have to contend with the rejected friend of an employee when they don't meet your expectations. is ready to provide you assistance.

Why is finding that right employee these days so challenging?  Could it be you may not have your search focused and you want to place a generalized ad to bring in a large catch, yet miss the people who are most qualified or have a skill set you are looking to attract? Time is valuable and it isn't easy to manage your business and evaluate applicants for your open positions. With our help, clients continue doing what they do best and we send them resumes of those who already meet their essential requirements.  That way, the only thing left you need to is this; does this applicant fit in your environment.

What type of company will use Jobs Annex to find quality career minded people?  Clients come to our job board because the process of finding someone on their own can be a bit overwhelming.  Interviewing applicants through family, friends and walk ins' often doesn't deliver results.  Our clients join Jobs Annex because they are ready to be proactive and want to take a professional approach to finding the right applicant for your open position.

Companies hire professionals to handle the many aspects of each job applicant.  Understanding this Jobs Annex provides each job seeker the tools to help them navigate the job hunting field and we also provide employers with simple and easy tools to post a winning job description.

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